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Welcome to Our Newsletter - Whats Causing a Bad Smell in Bradford South ?

What kills A Skunk is the Publicity it gives itself . Abraham Lincoln .

The simple answer to that allegedly we believe is  the Nasty Party. So what makes this constituency so politically inbred and why Here are some of the insidious  tactics allegedly we believe that are currently employed. Of course it would be too much for the Councils complaints and scrutiny Committee to take on board as more often not you might find yourself chairing your own complaint

Don't Listen to point  of view of constituents we can point  to a number of examples where Comments in the T&A where removed from a great many n = 40 critical readers and residents of Bradford South . This is also mirrored by a number of constituents being blocked or removed from the South Bradford Twitter feed on the mention of basic issues such as Parking and Road Safety in Woodside PS where the only winners should be the youngsters who use it
Democracy at work You are blocked from following @bfdsouthlabour and viewing @bfdsouthlabour's Tweet WHATS TO HIDE ????The great thing about social media is the harder you try to hide something the easier it is to see

Negotiated Party Politics  See the  brag  Link (Just to exemplify ) , the Tweet was removed  It is alledgely our belief , from an undisclosed source in city hall party politics particular in Bradford is negotiated you stand here we wont stand there !!!! Billie stands for Justice everywhere .

The talking Head Trick  Why not court the local rag and journalists and have your thunbnail image attached to every article - its a great way to do nothing and a fantastic way to fool local constituents into thinking you are doing something

The Masonic Hall or did I mean City Hall ?? Alledgely We believe , and have substantive evidence to support the view , that  Council Officers are acting outside their designed role and code of conduct and restricting or limitting access as a result political favour . The City Solicitor is acutely aware of the issues as are the Electoral Commision 

Cry Wolf   This is an interesting and nasty tactic that Labour has played once too often Here are 2  examples

1. Constuency worker hanging up calls and when told that the matter would be referred to the Parliamentary Obudsman for complaint the term threatened was used

2.Another example when contacting the ward member some years by the partner also a councillor in another ward  refused to pass the call to the elected member for that ward . When indicated that the matter would be subject to complaint at the Councils Conduct and Scrutiny Procedure  despite talking for well over an hour then proceded via the minutes some weeks later of the planning panel to indicate he was contacted and threated by the principle concerned completly misrepresenting and twisting a scenario to deliberatley influence opinion . There is no doubt that the act constituted libel as the council unwarrantedly printed and published these minutes The principle tactic here is to Defame the reputation of good honest working people who hold a different point of view or ideal for the area in which they live

Club Class Find yourself a Football Club with a big fan base . A fairly idiot proof strategy unless you cock it up . Need I say more . It does nt stop there -  Friends of  Groups and Community Centres have bee used some examples include one in particular run by as a charity and hosting a Labour Group Conference

Mythology The old working class mythology " give us your hard working vote we represent ordinary working people "  - well this is a bit of outdated history maybe in the past .New Labour is more conservative than conservatives. Conservatives so unpopular to be unbelievable however their short comings are transparent and not insidious (no defense intended) Once again the danger of negoting wards is flagged and why it is important to take away the nasty legacy of deciding who should stand where to represent you - that is the role of the Voter and each ones own political view which any good person or party respects

Charity or Political Activism - See Charity Commision Guidelines Sandale Centre    

RCA _ Royds Community Association Anything but - A flagship of Labour  sustainable Regeneration which should have exitted in 2001 but persists as a rental company taken derivatives off the estate from the LHI Inrastructure that was given to the people of the estate ( Royds Business Park , Local Shops Village Centre et al ) Currently run by one individual who refuses to identify the CEO Salary Band and a committe selected by him ( not from the community ) A you scratch my back I;ll scratch your back atitude persists

Its NOT Clear Cut 

Its a close run thing Labour no longer enjoy the unequivicol support of the traditional working class vote with the advent of social media voters are more discerning in seeing who does what , why and how effectively

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