Friday, 20 June 2014

Case 4 : Woodside PS - Parking & Safe Crossing

Billie  expresses concern over the issues currently afoot at Woodside PS . A clear message to the Head teacher you are resionsible for the safety of children when they are both at school and leaving it  The same message applies to the govenors which  include a ward councilor

This should not be a difficult issue to resolve given that Clrs sit on the Board of Govenors . It is certainly a NO BRAINER the safey of children and in particular your children is paramount . Follow the Frog VAL and do your job get it sorted . If you are a dissatisfied PARENT  please email in confidence or get in touch


1. Parking

2. Safe Crossing 

1. Parking  Significant levels of congestion at the school at Peak Times . This problem could be easily resolved by using the area at the side of the school at Angerton way and directing a one way flow around the school away from the main Road Fenwick Dve 

2. Crossing It is disgraceful that no one serving this estate (Woodside) has realised that there is no crossing points for Mums & Kids enabling a safe crossing for Primary School Children It is very difficult to understand why Clr Slater and Clr formerly on Children and Young Peoples comittee failed to do anything about this , including the peak traffic volumes using Meadway as a Rat Run 

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