Saturday, 21 June 2014

Case 3 Vetinary Mal Practice Rosie & Spot

Case 3

In our third Case we look at a Case of Alleged  Vetinary  Mal-practice . All parties remain anonymous . We use the fictitious name Rosie and Spot .

Spot was referred to a Vetinary Surgeon for a Routine Dental extraction , during the course of that extraction the dog was returned to the owner with what appeared to be an unaccounted injury and a number of teeth taken outside instruction some of which remained in part in the gum. When approached the vetinary was defensive and rude and subquently maligned the client by stating that Rosie moaned a lot and he would no longer provide a service. Spot has to have subsequent spinal treatment. Rosies concern is clear not just about the welfare of her own Dog but the manner of practice of this vetinary in regard to the well being oif other animals being treated at this practice

We advised complaint to RCVS and will post details after findins are made

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