Monday, 23 June 2014

Do Nothing Gerry (Now Gone) Do Nothing Judith

The realisation that the ghosts of unhappy constituents are about to come back and haunt them at the next General election .. How easy in the past was it to rely on a Football Club or Friends of Group and a media outlet that would place  a thumbnail picture of a head next to a news story giving the impression your local MP was on the Case when really they were furthering their own Westminister career and leaving constituency work to lackeys and local councillors to deputise

A call to Sutcliffes Office last week yielded a rather frosty  response over a request for Gerry to put in writing what he had done to promote a long standing issue of access  in which a disabled relative was denied access due to the Council and Housing Trust failing to maintain land which is rather strange as lead management seem to follow him on Twitter

The irony of Labour failure is that Judith Cummins former Royds Ward Councilor left the Royds Ward and did nothing to resolve the issue - now she wants to come back as MP - No Thank You

On two ocasions the office worker hung up ( Bearing in mind this is a Publically funded Office ) and on the second occasion when advised that complaint would be raised with the Parliamentary Ombudsman twisted the issue to be that of a threat. This is a typical tactic of the Labour Group and not the first time it has been used to defease the character of constituents seeking representation . These cry Wolf tactics don't wash .

In  the era of social media we can now evident and demonstrate these shortcomings and show you the wider constituents of Bradford South how the system has operated in the past. More to follow

Below recent electioneering material being Blocked and consigned to the Wheelie Bin we normally recycle but I think Labour has past their sell by date . In the back ground the uncrossable green that no member of the Labour Party represented in 2006 so a terminally ill relative could gain access and that included the Not so New Judith Cummins who was ward councillor at the time and yes Did Nothing !!!

Dear Gerry 

I would like to take this opportunity for you to respond to a number of matters 

(i) Regarding the access and why over a significant period of time neither you or any ward councillor assisted with this problem see above some years on . ARTICLE  Planning Application relating to  SRB Funding  96/Reg Parking Properties 4- 50 Meadway Application

 For avoidance of doubt monies where obtained for carrying out this work which never appeared to be undertaken by the Council or the JVC joint Ventuire Company Royds Community Association 

(ii) In the 2005 General election we applied for a Village Green , we asked you to write a letter of support which you duly said you would do  3 weeks before the 2006 General election a constituency worker went to the Planning Office and obtained a petition of 1600 residents in favour of the Green and you sent election material to . 3 weeks after the General Election we asked again and you then informed your constituents that you would not do this , I wonder if you would care to explain to those people what you where playing at  


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