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Health matters - The Health of Bradford South - Labouring the Point

Did you ever wonder why your local estate lacks good quality health centres ? Did you ever wonder about why if you live on one side of Abb Scot Lane you can not register as a Patient in Wibsey at a practice of your choice  if you live in Woodside  ? What a great location for a Woodside Health centre would the old Church opposite the "Village Centre" would have made (now demolished ) for the elderly , mothers and patients alike - so why did nt your local counillor support it ? When you are told we have a wonderful Healthy living Centre with 5 Doctors what do you understand by this ?

Lets deal with these points firstly it is your right to register with a GP of your choice - this might be important to you as a patient based on a need , speciality or simply location whether it be on a boundary or where you work. These matters where pursued sometime ago when Barbara Hakin was Head of Public Health. . I will place the Local health Authorities response to this issue here that was given circa 2008 /2009

Not so Healthy Social Landlord or Joint Venture Dictate with good CEO Salary ?

It is very interesting to note that within the Royds Constituency it appears to be the Royds Community Asssociation - a former labour Flagship of sustainable regeneration that are dictating the agenda on a one man horse . In case you did'nt know (i) quote they no longer operate on the estates (ii) They do take substantial rental income from a number of resources (a) The Royds Healthy Living Centre Buttershaw (b) The Shops - Woodside (d) The Enterrprise Centre at Buttershaw - full of Local Business ????  (c) The Village Centre often rented to the Local Health Authority _ maybe that explains why the old Church was never brought into use as a medical centre but demolished and developed - the developement of housing on recreational land is questionable - I do wonder what old Enoch Hardy social champion would say about the councils legal advice on that. So are the Royds a RSL resident social landlord in the loose term or a Charity helping the people of Woodside Buttershaw and Delph Hill ? Any one know what the CEO Salary is ? Can a registerred Charity be a Joint Venture Company with the Council in Matters of Resource Conflict ??
How where assett from the sale of Sunnybank House disposed of ?  viz the whereabouts of the two Yellow Buses and original mini buses ? Should loca;l councillors appointed  (by virtue of the Joint Venture agreement) and in their own right as Non Council Directors be apropriate in what is now a registtered Charity - we have some evidence of this from one Councillor failing to declare an interest ( see records from company house and appointed dates of  Directors

Overstaitng the Case  The Woodside Village Centre was an LHI bid built initiative already there. Did you get a cheque book ? Are you paying for your classes or exercise in your Village Centre ? So why did he produce a Powerpoint called from Election to selection ?  I have asked for many years to see CEO Salary Spending in this organisation and been denied  ? How much of  these millions where spent on CEO Salaries . Its time for Impact Audit. How many times can you have your cake and eat it ? See Artcle on Bullying T & A 8th May 2002 _ Royds did not endear themselves to a community they dictated to it. Are we dealing with a self appointed autonomy that seems to circumvent democracy a touch red in the extreme

In their Own Words  (Annotations added in Orange )

So TopTaking Rental Money off the estates if you are not operating on them and are an exitted venture

A Healthy Walk - in 2005 an application for a Village Green was made by the local community  with a petition of 1600 people and 28 primary witnessess on behalf of the applicants . The local MP was asked to support this by writing a letter of support and 3 weeks before the General Election that petition was retrieved from planning and supporters written seeking the vote . Three weeks later after the election ocurred  that MP withdrew his support for the VG stating their where issues . The main objectors contrary to the Articles of Association of the same where the Royds or those holding shares in the same or those instructed by the Council . Not one member of the community opposed the VG . It still remains the intention of this JVC - The Royds to take the capital receipt of the sale of this green area to spend some where else  a position that needs reviewd by the council. It appears that others want to speak with them too WANTED

The Boundary Game - the authorities view on where a patient acquires his or her medical care is concerning it is ironic if you are a patient at Buttershaw Lane you will be sent to Queensbury or Manchester Road to where the other surgeries in the same practice are held .- at your inconvenience expense - not what you need when you are ill. It appears all to easy to use this boundary game , either politically or in the likely event as a Joint Venture Company Working for the local Authority and posing as a Community association and Charity. This year allow no one to manipulate your health in this way and make it known with your vote, Remember also Bradford  Trident project has had not disimlar issues and concerns

Finally as at one point  " 5 Doctors" meant 4 locums and one 0.5 FTE ( Full Time equivalent ) with only the main FTE Physician having full prescribing authority - does nt  help you getting your medicine late

This is what the rental company say

June 2014  Healthy Living Centre

3000 patients are now registered with the Healthy Living Centre which is 400 more than 3 years ago and represents an increase of around 15%.

You Decide

With this years General an Local elections imminent the last thing ordinary people need is the clownish representation that we have had for the past 10 years and certainly not another benefits clerk as a local MP  Remember also you have already paid your council tax and are entitled to the statutory Health Service the Health Authority are obliged to provide - not fund it the second time around from rental income taken off socially deprived estates and spent elsewhere in the UK because a Village Centre belonging to local people through LHI ( Lottery Monies ) has been hijacked by one man on a horse and a single track vision. Cost of Hiring the Village Hall to the local Community £20 per hour...mmm


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