Monday, 23 June 2014

Welcome to Our NewsLetter - Winning Votes - I think Not -

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Yes here is how Labour Operate when a truth is told Press Comments dissappear or Twitter Feeds Blocked  We dont want a Nasty party in the Royds Ward

Key Issues

  • Parking at the Local primary School
  • A proper crossing on FenwicK Drive
  • No Community Fees to use the Village Hall for local use Not as current £20 per hour
  • More effectiive use of the Village centre ensuring kids can have properly supervised facilities Table tennis , Dance and other activities

In this years election put a Local candidate in place Someone that knows and lives there and understands the needs of OUR community .


  • Someone that will answer there phone 24/ 7
  • Someone that will deal with constituents and not refuse to do so because they serve on Special port Folio Committees - that have been duly elected to represent you not a Special port folio
  • Some one that will represent local people and ensure they receive the right benefits and entitlements
  • Someone that will ensure that the estates of Buttershaw Woodside and Delph Hill have adequate health Care facilities
  • Someone that will improve basic facilities such as Bus Shelters , Elderly Care Bus Routes
  • Someone that will operate a food bank impartially not in exchange for your vote
  • Someone that does not twist or deny Truth and ensure local people are treated with dignity and respect
  • Someone who demand that Royds is given the same services and Budget as Illkley and Bingley and not accept second best
  • Help Get the Message accross by using your Facebook or Twitter Account. Its a complete myth that Labour are out to help working class people and prey on the mantra that you will be helped .
  • Play Area  Nr Brow woods - being TAKEN as developemnt when it has a justified use and was not as per due process included on the cities UDP as a Housing Site Allocation no assistance given by Ward Cllrs 
Response To Ward Counicllors  Continuied Failing 

As the person with strategic  responsibility for planning I don't get involved with specific applications as it can be perceived as undue inluence and in this case a conflict of interest.  The same would apply ot cllr Andy Thornton but Cllr Gill Thornton will be able to make representations on behalf of the community 

Absolute non sensene the people of this ward elected 3 ward councillors to represent them  and to which you have an obligation to so do . Are you saying that the constituents of this ward have only one councillor working for them . Where there is a conflict of interest it is your duty to declare it and take on your constuency work not preclude it because someone has their nose in a £35 K Special port folio 
salary .

Oh and by the way you opended the small playground subject of concern as deputy Lord Mayor which did not appear on the Cities UDP as a Hosing Allocation and which , at Great Cost to the tax payer of Bradford would become immediately Judicially reviewable when a developer lays the first brick

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