Monday, 23 June 2014

Whats Wrong in The Royds Ward ? Facts on Disinfranchisement

Whats Wrong with the Royds Ward ?

We have currently two councillors holding Special Port Folios and claiming "diplomatic immunity" over Constituency representation  by claiming conflict of interest when they are overtly involved in particular matters. Holding a port folio does not debar you from your right under 10:2 of the councill consitution which makes it OVERTLY clear to Councillors that their OVER RIDING respnsibility is to CONSTITUENTS 


As the person with strategic  responsibility for planning I don't get involved with specific applications as it can be perceived as undue influence and in this case a conflict of interest.  The same would apply of cllr Andy Thornton but Cllr Gill Thornton will be able to make representations on behalf of the community 


The Third has been deselected and is currently canvassing in another ward time better spent with Consituents of the Royds Ward ?

So If you wonder why your complaints concerns or ward business gets unattended that is the reason Why . So if someone knocks on your door saying what they can do for you I would be a little wary in believing them !!!! Judge them on fact

Enquiry To Monitorring Officer on Constitutional aBsis

Can you qualify under the councils Governance and Constitution how  we can end up with two Senior Port Folio Holders in one ward or that matter even three  when it seems clear that such a position is an unhealthy one encumbering constitutional representation

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