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More Bad Smells In Bradford South Wibsey "Unfair" - Updated

Objections to the Taking Of Car Parking at Wibsey Fair

A Piece of Heritage Tradition and Social History being Disposed of 

Whats The Story ?

First of all this pieces of Green Space is on the Unitary Development Plan  as Public Open Space  and a defiined  Playing Field , it has also caveats associated with it by virtue of Charter Covenants are other rights

It belongs to our Children , To You and to its proud heritage and past being once a site where more than 100,000 miners rallied and Historic Fairs Traditionally occur

It does not belong to a local businessman operating some distance away and its curtailment of use of right should not be curtailed for commercial gain

It is also a Myth that a Car Park will solve any parking problems  given in any case the Council will be Charging for its use !!! a fact not widely made in public debate. Likewise there are in the main no shops in the vicinity 

In order to procede this matter as a Planning Matter the Council have first to apropriate the land or effectively change its use through a porcess of delegated powers under the Local Government Act 1972 . Thay most show unevicolly that there is no other alternative or other land uses are not avaiilable or in the alternative that POS is replaced befor it is taken in line wioth government direction

Which lease ???????????
Whart part of the Act ?? Land has many meanings within it ??
Duly Notified ???
How Much do we pay Ms Hemmingway ????  £178, 146.00
The meaning of Faiire as applied in Royal Charter. a note to the council Failing to administer a Royal Prerogative may carry a charge of Treason . Who in the council will be first to loose their head or hung  ???
Whether the showmans Guild was concsulted nationally not only locally ??
Why hjave objectors heard nothing from the council ?
What in lieu would be provided to replace that taken ??
Whether notional petions maded as part of a premature planning application some time previously to the order to apropriate are relevant to the legal merits and requirement of SS122
What authority does Andrew Smith (delegated officer in the recieving directorate) have to advise objectors not contateed by the council that the council would aproprate the land if they did not respond in 21 days.
On what basis did Mr Hartley fail to set out his reasons for signing  a document apropraiting the land of his own accord . and failing to keep objectors informed of the process as required within the meaning of the act
We would in any case like to see the notional petition of 1500 signatures we believe taken in the evening at local ale housess as a general statement ommitting the facts and the wording of it

UPPDATE HEMMINGWAY and PEARSON Gone ??? DWYER Property Solicitor retires  No longer with the Council Leader not so Green DAVID GREEN deselected maybe a spring clean or a new leaf by the CEO Kirsten England welcomed more to follow as the case has been sent to her as responsible CEO. Do we have a crisis on our hands

Link What You Did'nt Know

There should be a process of consultation relatig to the matter where all facts and parties can respond . To date there appears to be no report or document other than that relating to a a report derived from Bradford South Area Committee that did not circulate the matter to all effected by the change in Public Open Space but in fact restricted it to local in promimity with parking issues very clearly prejudising any consulattion process which in fact should have been about the loss of open space not the related planning matter

We have also made a clear request in the Context of 122 as to what Hemmingways view is to the historical term Fair and any extant Charter applied  We await comment but of course dont hold our breathe as this appears to be a busy lady alternating between 100 K plus roles as CEO and City Solicitor 

The report identifies an aledged petition headed by a Wbsey Businessmas with commercial Interest despit premises being some considerable distance from the site of Public Open Space  N = 1500 which is not visible to the public for scrutiny and alledgely referred to by the wrong ward title

A report of 59 signatories clearly opposing the Car park for very sensible reasons given including alternatives 

And finally the limited circular of 300 notices of which 12 responded Yes 10 responded No and 2 remained undecided another great testimony to Council Effort

Conclusion most definetly not an uneqivicol view

However A Planning application has been submitted 15/03960/FUL There a re a number of flawed issues also relating to this matter

Just A Little Bit ????

No Dont be fooled - removing Open Space would have the net effect of opening the site up for the suggested 80 or more spaces alluded to in a report for  request for further car parking

You can follow it here By Clicking on The Bradford Planning Portal Link and putting the 15/03960/FUL number in .. There are currently 12 Objections which whould take this to area panel so we can meet the Cronies . Please feel to enter your objection making sure that you raise valid planning objections see link here to follow

How a Traffic Officer can make a report that he has no objection to the proposal Re Design and Access when the entrance is within 4m of a major junction is concerning .. the link to Spec Savers is here 

How Are They Spending Your Brass ?

Did you know that since 2013 over a two year budgetary remit S Bradford Area Panel has sequestered 20K and 30 Know 75K  respectfully for a project that has not been decided by a legitimate planning process or Fully Comp[lete Legal Procedure a Little Biassed Woulnd nt You Say

However the disturbing thing about this money is that it could be money spent on Road Safety elsewhere for example a Pedestrian Crossing to faciliate parents and childrenn crsooing fenwick Drive onward to the Local Primary school of which there is no patrol or crossing point


Given no decision planing are otherwise has been made . Where is  this Money ?

At the meeting of the Bradford South Area Committee on 27 March 2014 a sum of £20,000 from the 2014/15
A further commitment of £30,000 in the 2015/16 financial year would facilitate construction of 28 parking

Its All About the Money , Money , Money 

Make no mistake South Bradford labour have again sold the people of  S Bradford out of their Green Space and Heritage on the bais of the old Myth Your dad vote Labour you vote Labour . In the matter of Wibsey fair the allocation of £80,000.00 and the opportunity to create a Revenue stream from Parking are the primary drivers for this issue - not the value and heritage of a long standing piece of History . There is no doubt that South Bradford labour is a party out of control, failing to recoognise the guiding principles upon which it was founded , driven by genrations of greasy  Cabinet Port Folio holders

Update 30th April 2016

We the objectors under  the process of apropraition have NOT been contacted b the council to exhaust all discussion on the views and matters related to the issue. Moreover the Holdling Directorate have presented information which is wholly at variance with legal advice given at various junctures . The Director Steve Hartley resolves to make a decision on Apropriation of his own accord which is contrary to the Councils Constitution - Wake up Steve - Your the Fall Guy - that would bne unlawful. For your information we have already contacted you , and you have not addressed the objections , we do not need to contact you again to tell you that we have objected !!! The meaning of Faire as designated on the Royal Charter has not been dealt with I assert a right to sell a  goose on accordance with the rights conferred

LINK to be added recent correspondence for the HOLDING DIRECTORATE

Link To Council Minutes

Upholding the Business of The Council ?

We have of course made Cllr Ralph Berry aware of the issue but he seems to have blocked the Tweet ?? Conduct Mr Berry !!!! we have also contacted   Dave Green Dave4Wibsey  Ha Ha ha !! on his own Twitter Feed for comment

Other Land Disposals

As readers of Billy's Blog amy be aware we have flagged very substantial anomolies on land disposal where South Bradford Labour have been intimately involved . In the matter of Woodside Playground at Brow Woods , we would certainly like to here the property Lawyers view as to why when it came accross his desk he did not apropriate it. Oh and by the way thats quite different to sending it back to assett managemnt to determine its value or its method of disposal 4.5 K per housing plot seems a bit on the low side to me !!!!!
What about the 50 Kgrant funding on the Site as A POS and Playground !!!

How Aproachable is your Ward Cllr ????????????

How Much Does He Get paid For Not Listening To You


Source Council Earnings 2014 

He is there to uphold the Council , its Values and Code of Conduct , and Ward issues for  the Bradford South Constituency ( see guidelines for Councillors using social media )

Petition Against  - 56 People

We the petitioners strongly disagree that extra car parking is necessary in this part of Wibsey village, or that local businesses are suffering loss of trade because of the lack of car parking. The proposed car park is in the wrong location and would not significantly benefit local business. Neither will extra traffic bring any benefits to the residents of Wibsey, but it would seriously reduce the quality of life. Our observations show that there is ample car parking available on from Fair Road, between St Enoch’s top roundabout and the fairground at all times and on all days, even at peak times. Furthermore, this proposal would increase congestion – not reduce it, it would increase air pollution – which is already too high in Bradford, therefore worsening health conditions, and increase restrictions for existing businesses and residents around the fairground. We believe it would attract car crime, increase litter and encourage unwelcome behaviour such as drug dealing. The village would lose a much-loved green space which is beneficial to our health and mental wellbeing, is used by many local people, and is the only local safe area for children to play. Once a green space is lost it is lost for ever. The charm and character of the village would be lost. Furthermore, we have been informed by estate agents that house values for those owners around the field will fall. There is no suitable place for a car park entrance or an exit without major alterations to existing infrastructure. The proposal for using artificial turf would create mud from churned ground where it is not used. There is no coherent financial plan for this idea and at a time of relentless Council Tax rises a proposed figure of £78000 is unacceptable and the people of Wibsey would not understand such irresponsible expenditure. It would be considered outrageous. We doubt the plan would self-finance and the cost would fall to the Council Tax payer. At a time of other priorities when people fear the loss of essential services and cannot even get the potholes in the roads repaired, and struggle to make ends meet, this proposal should be rejected. The solution to Wibsey’s problems is efficient public transport links, late bus services and dedicated bus route

The Petition For

The Petition in favour was largely promoted by the South Bradford Area commiteee to gain funding for the car parking project We have not seen the mysterious petirion of 932 people rising to 1500 people however we have had reports that this was something that was around in pubs in the evnening. We would like to see it given this is was a document that the council relied upon as a material consideration

The History


Bradford Observer
1864 October 13th Page 5 Column 4

Sunday being the finish of the Fair, the annual open air temperance meeting was held in the Fair Ground, Mr. Wm. Haigh, of Birkenshaw, presiding. A large concourse of people was brought together, and addresses were given by the following friends of the cause:- Messrs. David Wilkinson, of Wyke, William Sunter, of Bradford, Job Walmsley, of Clayton Heights, G. D. Allott, and Henry Haley, of Great Horton. A good impression was left upon the meeting.

1867 October 10th Page 3 Column 3


GAMBLING AT WIBSEY FAIR.- On Monday, at the West Riding Court, Bradford, Richard Ridings, who had been caught by Sergeant Slingsby, at Wibsey Fair, actively at work with a “spinner,” by means of which he was rapidly lessening the natives of their loose cash, was sent to prison for three months. Ridings has only just terminated a period of imprisonment to which he had been sentenced for plying his calling at Shipley feast.

1868 October 6th Page 3 Column 4


ANNUAL CATTLE FAIR.- The annual cattle fair at Wibsey, which was held yesterday, is one of the ancient institutions of this country, and its advent is hailed with intense interest by all classes, and its popularity is such that it is attended by farmers and cattle dealers in the surrounding district within a radius of many miles, and on this occasion, the weather being fine, the influx of visitors was much larger than usual. The show of horned cattle, however, was not so good this year, a cattle fair being held at Huddersfield on the same day, and the demand for all kinds, except for milkers and calvers, was exceedingly limited. The show of horses was a good one, and many changed hands, especially in draught horses. In the pleasure fair the attractions were numerous and seemed to be well patronised. On the previous day (Sunday) the crowds of people who were in attendance were lectured on the subject of temperance.

The Money

There is currently £ 60 - 70 K Budget sequestered on a year on year on basis from, the Cities Safer Roads Campaigns it is unclear how Car Parking will contribute to this from this reveue making scheme , whether it is wholly visble to the District Auditor under its ascribed use . Most importantly the Corpoarte Comittee report expressly identifies the reason for its imd iate apropriation to be undertaken to stop the funding being reallocated this is contrary to the Direct of S 122 of the LGA (1980 )   Balls up or Bollsover  ??

Theft of Playground -  Sticky Wicket

In the matter of a Play area at Woodside the council auctioned Land off without under taking the relevant process of Lawful Appropriation

The Council appear to have advised the LGO - Local Government Ombudsman, that this land has not yet been apropriated who in turn will not investigate because they believe the council have not completed the process and are in a position top so do,  THIS is not lawfully correct   the Land in question has been auctioned off to a private developer and the Lawful Act and Ommision has occurred the land has been disposed of Unlawfully and the constituents right to object lawfully prejudicsed under s122 of the LGA (1972)  There is some irony here as Labour Clr chronies refused to represent constituents contrary to council constitution

Intention to mislead has been deliberate throughout there is no doubt as representation on the planning file alludes to the process which must be undertaken and was not

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