Sunday, 6 September 2015

Billy Blog MP – The Unelected Frog – At your Service

Welcome To My Constituency Blog & Newsletter

Hello My name is Billy Blog MP the unelected Frog , MP = Magnificant Person. Welecome to my Constituency Surgery for Bradford !!! There are no boundaries here .  If you are fed up with sleezy councilors and MPs not answerring there phone or taking on case work whilst mean wages respectivey are 14 K per year or 50 K per year then you have reached the right place . We will  do the job for nothing !!!

Please email us with an overview of what you would like resolved and we will get things moving on your behalf

In our Case Pages we will clearly annotate with Video & Pictures  - What the Case or Problem  is ,  , who is responsible , what we have done  and what the outcome is . We will also take regular Surveys and Polls to make sure you the People have your views and rights wholly represented

If you would like to make a short sound bite please click on our Twitter Site. Talk to the Frog ! Or Leave a comment in box below each post on this blog It will only be approved if you request it to be published 

Do follow the outcomes

At Your Service

Billy Blog MP . Unelected Frog

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